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Pageflakes: LMS? PLE?

As I've noted previously, is an awesome example of a widget based start page (widget and feed aggregator on steroids) that has tons of options in an educational setting. Today (thanks to a post by Jane Hart), I just realized that pageflakes also has a tailored start page for students and teachers under a "students" tab. I also stumbled on the edutechwiki pageflakes page that outlines how-to suggestions for using pageflakes in education (for class management or as a PLE). So simple, yet so powerful. Cool!

p.s. The edutechwiki, created by the edtech research and teaching unit at the University of Geneva, has some really interesting edtech and instructional design content - worth a close look and more commentary in a future post!

Podcast 3: Drupal as my Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

In this short podcast, I discuss drupal as my Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and compare / contrast the experience to being a distance graduate student utilizing a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). Here are links to the items I mentioned during the podcast:
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