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Podcast 2: Drupal as a Working Journal (or e-Portfolio)

In this podcast, I discuss why I selected drupal as my content management system for my working journal (or e-Portfolio). Sites and organizations mentioned during the podcast:
  • Drupal.org
  • Blogger.com: Hosted blogging site. Start a free blog in about 2 minutes!
  • BlueHost.com: My web host for almost a year. Excellent experience!
  • Lullabot.com: Great drupal resource for newbies and experts alike, including podcasts and videocasts about using drupal.

e-portfolio, e-journal: some thoughts . . .

I was recently asked if I knew of any "e-portfolio" solutions. I consider this site to be a sort of e-portfolio that contains and organizes my thoughts on technology and instructional design, including my submitted course work in my Masters program. I find it very valuable to maintain my site as a sort of working journal.

However, people also create e-portfolios as final "presentation" sites to demonstrate their work. The difference appears to be in the audience focus. For now, my audience focus is me (finding ways to design my e-portfolio to meet my current information collection and organization needs). Yet, I envision a day when that focus will shift when I want to use the site as a demonstration (or presentation) site of my work. Do I want this to be something I create as a working journal with "me" as the primary audience? Or do I want this to be something to showcase my work for "others" to see? You can likely do both, but a working journal is likely more on the fly and "messy" whereas a presentation site is more tailored and "clean". Therefore, it is important to keep in mind ways to easily slice and dice the material to edit content presentation depending on the desired audience (see more on this below).

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