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Podcast 6: Learning in Lecture Based Setting versus Guided Exploration

In this podcast, I contrast the experience of "learning" within a lecture based (tell me) setting to a guided (let me try) exploration. I argue that a well designed and facilitated guided exploration sets in motion the ultimate cycle of learning, creating and sharing. Links referenced in this podcast include:

Podcast 5: Sloan Consortium Report on Online Education

This podcast reviews the scale of online higher education in the United States. As more colleges offer online courses and more students enroll in them, will perceptions change? Links mentioned in this podcast include:

Podcast 3: Drupal as my Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

In this short podcast, I discuss drupal as my Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and compare / contrast the experience to being a distance graduate student utilizing a traditional Learning Management System (LMS). Here are links to the items I mentioned during the podcast:

Podcast 2: Drupal as a Working Journal (or e-Portfolio)

In this podcast, I discuss why I selected drupal as my content management system for my working journal (or e-Portfolio). Sites and organizations mentioned during the podcast:
  • Drupal.org
  • Blogger.com: Hosted blogging site. Start a free blog in about 2 minutes!
  • BlueHost.com: My web host for almost a year. Excellent experience!
  • Lullabot.com: Great drupal resource for newbies and experts alike, including podcasts and videocasts about using drupal.
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