Twitter Data - All In ... So what?

My data collection is done and I have a ton to read and re-read. I am clearly at the "so what?" stage and still struggling with the impact of where (and who) I focused on during the data collection stage. That said, I do think I captured data to help me answer my primary research questions. Therefore, it may be more a case of gaining knowledge during the process that would re-focus my original research questions. For example, what about those who DON'T post anymore or very often? I focused on the sample of posters during my 5 hours of observation and I feel by picking 10 1/2 hour slots during various times during a 10 day period I did a fair job of getting "off work" and "on work" commentary, but I made no effort (purposely) to reach out to those who don't post. Which makes me wonder if there is something "different" in the motivations of those who post versus those who don't (self-promotion, familiarity with online connections, privacy concerns, etc). Clearly questions for another study for another day, but plays into my "so what?" question. Is my focus sufficiently important?