AECT Proposal Revisions: Back in the Summer Saddle

Summer classes are over and my summer "to-do" list includes completing revisions to two conference papers which were accepted for the fall 2009 AECT conference. Both are currently in the gobbled (not saying what I want them to say) stage, but I am hopeful that will change as I devote the needed attention to both ... attached are both drafts ...
blech ...


Thank you, George!

Like most things this summer, I haven't touched this "project" and I haven't even kept up with reading blog comments. Reconnecting with my old / new town and my old / new friends has meant a dip in edtech passion for the moment. Sorry I missed your note. I would love to get your input when I brush the dust off my computer and get back at it. Thank you!

Social Network submission

Hi Jennifer - not sure if posting your docs means that you are open to feedback. If you are, I'd be happy to discuss some resources that I think would add to your social network submission. You rely heavily on Granovetter (which makes sense, his paper is the most cited in the history of sociology, I believe).

Haythornthwaite, for example, has done work on how media selection influences tie-strength (and the activation of what she calls "latent ties"). Wellman's networked individualism paper from 2002 (or so) provides a broad overview as well.

Anyway, if you'd like to chat - I should be available on skype today/tomoro.