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I read about SplashCast this morning from one of my favorite go-to sources - Robin Good
SplashCast allows a "caster" to upload audio, picture, video or text
(or even content from an RSS feed, I believe) to the site and integrate
it into a "show" that is "broadcast" on a channel with a player that
can be embedded into any blog, web page or start pages (such as Pageflakes ) . I have only played with it
for a few minutes so far, but it is slick for a lot of reasons: 1) it
is incredibly simple to use and upload content (and in the case of
audio, video and text - to record content and narrations) 2) the
generated html code for the player is really easy to embed (as shown
above) 3) once the player is embedded on a web page, updates are just a
matter of updating the show's content through the SplashCast site 4) It
looks cool! I see a lot of educational opportunities with this for both
learners and instructors. It would be a great way for an instructor to
post frequently updated instructions, resources and lecture material
and an equally great way for learners to get creative in preparing and
sharing their assignments. Image a class working off a Pageflakes start page with embedded "channel" players as a means of easily sharing and connecting - cool! 


Source: Dave's Channel - cute baby 




Thanks a bunch for the kind words and support Jennifer.  I hope you do end up using SplashCast over time.  We are really excited to get a good reception among elearning bloggers, especially as our exec team all comes from an eLearning background (they previously founded  If you have any questions about SplashCast or want to compare notes on creative inspiration - drop me a line anytime.

thanks again
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Director of Content
SplashCast Media