Drupal Help: Live Web Session Scheduled

All the talking and planning is behind us and we are ready for Drupal CMS Academy lift off! Check out the new and improved Drupal CMS Academy web site!

The Drupal CMS Academy is a collaborative learning environment
created by and for you. Want to know more about the Academy? Browse the
new Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) guide
to get answers to the most common questions about the Academy and what
it means to participate as an Intern. As an Academy Intern, you will
receive help achieving your Drupal related performance goals as you
help others in the community meet their Drupal web design objectives.
Whether you are new to Drupal or you are a seasoned Drupal veteran
(with the scrapes and bruises to prove it), your participation is
welcomed and appreciated! 

If you are interested in becoming an Intern in the inaugural session at the Drupal CMS Academy, please register as an Academy Intern and join us at the next LIVE web cast session this Monday, December 4th at 9:00 pm ET in North America (click here for global times). See you at the Academy!

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