Dr. Charles Reigeluth - week 9

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Per introduction, "In the Fall semester of 2004 Prof. Charles Reigeluth presented a colloquium session entitled, "A New Paradigm of Education and Training." He begins by explaining why he feels that the current schooling structure is out of step with the Information Age, and he goes on to suggest a new paradigm for formal education. In the latter part of the 90-minute presentation he focuses on new paradigms for instructional theory and instructional design. This part is directly related to this week's issues, and the advice is equally applicable to formal education and corporate training. At the very end he explains his own perspective, which strikes many of the same chords as the constructivist perspective. Reigeluth is a professor in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University and is one of the most widely cited researchers in the field. His book, Instructional-Design Theories and Models (two volumes), is one of the standard works in the field."